Tomislav Šilipetar je rođen u Zagrebu.
2014. godine završava akademiju likovnih umjetnosti u Zagrebu u klasi Igora Rončevića- Slikarski odsjek. 2015. godine postaje član HDLU-a. Uz mnogo skupnih izložbi imao je i dosta samostalnih. Dobitnik je rektorove nagrade za izvrsnost 2013. godine. Slika i stvara većinom u akrilu, a teme variraju od samoće i izoliranosti do same ljudske egzistencije u društvu koje osuđuje. Preferira lazurnost, i liniju koje savršeno idu uz cjelokupnu zaokupljenost izlaska iz ‘ uboksiranosti’ debelih nanosa akademizma.
2016 godine dobiva status samostalnog umjetnika.


Tomislav Šilipetar was born in Zagreb.In 2014, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in the class of Igor Roncevic – Painting Department. In 2015, he became a member of HDLU. In addition to permanent group exhibitions, Tomislav has collected a considerable number of judged solo exhibitions. He won the Rector’s Award for Excellence in 2013.He paints and creates mostly in acrylic, and the themes vary from loneliness and isolation to the very human existence in the society he condemns.He prefers lazure, and drawing line that goes perfectly with the overall preoccupation of getting out of the ‘box’ of thick layers of academicism.In 2016, he received the status of an independent artist. 

Lately themes are all about human body and how to get along with yourself, how to accept your own body as something that changes and evolving….melancholie, life and sadness are preoccupation of art he tries to bring to the world. The body becomes a form and a line taht tries to fly away from our hands. I see a body and organs trough prism of loneliness and curent situations in the world. We are forced to think about how we go on and if there is any reason to go on. Line and drawings are the base of the art that tries to show us that we are lie wire, like thread that can brake and torture us if we let it do that.